Transponder Key

A transponder car key is a type of car key which is programmed to work specifically with your car, making it harder for thieves to hotwire and steal. A transponder chip sits in the head of the car key and when inserted into the ignition, an electronic signal from the engine control unit (ECU) gets sent to the key.

The key will then send its own programmed signal back and, provided it’s the correct signal, the car will then start. Sometimes the signal between the transponder key and your vehicle can weaken which is when you need to contact us so we can get it working smoothly again. As automotive technicians, we specialize in cutting transponder car keys to precision so that it will turn in the ignition, as well as programming the transponder chip itself so the immobilizer system will disarm and the car can start.

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Fixing your transponder car key

If your transponder car key is faulty we can run a series of quick tests to determine what the issue is. Most of the time it will simply need reprogramming which we can do on site. It’s important to remember to take good care of your transponder car key and bring it in as soon as you see any wear and tear (including loose screws) so we can get it sorted.

The transponder chip sits in the head of the key and is essential for making it work so it needs to stay protected and firmly in place. Customers will sometimes report that their transponder car key is only working half of the time or takes several attempts to work – again, this is usually a sign of needing reprogramming. Please note, if the transponder is not working you will still be able to lock and unlock your car but it will be impossible to start.  

New or replacement transponder car key

If you lose your transponder key or you require a spare one we can do this for you. Programming a new key to your vehicle can take a bit of time so it pays to call ahead and book an appointment. We always recommend having at least two transponder keys: one for everyday use, and another as backup. If you’re unsure if your car can use a transponder key give us a call and we can look up the make and model to determine if it does or not. You can also take a look on your dash and if you see a picture which looks like a car and lock (or key), your car most likely uses a transponder key. The same applies if you can see a flashing light and the word ‘security’.

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